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About Our Club

CMCC - Camperdown Model Car Club

Anyone can come and Race!

Contact us about the next race meeting, or come along to the track!

Membership of CMCC automatically gives you membership of the Natal Radio Drivers Association (NRDA - the Provincial body controlling R/C racing in Natal) and you can enter the Natal Racing Circuit.

This consists of 5 races per year held at Richards Bay, Margate, Camperdown and Southway Mall + a 5th venue selected from the 4 active clubs. We have the best catering facilities in Natal, courtesy of the Camperdown Club, which can provide full bar facilities, menus etc. We also have what no other club in Natal has – the ‘Big Tree’, which provides shade for competitors and spectators alike! Much appreciated on hot days! Warning! Don’t park or sit under the ‘Ha-de-Da’s’ nest – you will regret it!

Race Classes

Our racing classes cater for novices to experts. TT-01 Stock, TT-01 Modified, Open Stock, Super Stock, Mini, F1, 1/12th and GT Pan. The recommended class for novices is the TT-01 Stock class which uses the popular Tamiya TT-01 chassis based cars which can be raced ‘out of the box’. I would suggest however that a set of high speed gears be purchased (25 tooth pinion and 55 tooth spur gear) as this seems to suit our track with regard to speed.

Novices will be given advice as to driving techniques and upgrades for their cars (what to buy and what not to buy). For the more experienced driver there are often Pro-Level cars available second hand for those who wish to progress to more competitive racing.

Several of our members import R/C spares from overseas (batteries, motors, tyres etc.) and these are often available at club meetings! Spectators are always welcome. If you are thinking of getting into the sport, a day spent with us at a club meeting will give you all the information you need on what you should buy (and what you shouldn’t)!